Entertain friends and yourself by playing
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Experience the excitement of Live Laser Gaming at your place

You've played Xbox & online games now it's time to LIVE them! Mobile Laser Quest uses laser gaming guns to run mock missions, just like a live computer game. Our gaming guns shoot infrared (like your TV Remote) but have authentic look, weight, size, sound, muzzle flash.

You execute missions, which challenge you to capture and hold a base, patrol, or escort VIPs. Get your adrenaline pumping & your brain working.

We offer LIVE Laser Gaming Entertainment at your home or other local venue for everyone.

Our gaming guns shoot up to 150m and can be used during the day, at night, outside or inside. 

Mobile Laser Quest comes to you. Our Backyard Battlefields are a complete live gaming kit that you can play at home. Our battle hardened staff bring everything you need for some urban combat entertainment, the laser guns, some cool electronic gadgetry that make the magic work, even inflatable obstacles to hide behind.

We have some great inflatable obstacles that enhance the magic of our mobile live gaming. from barriers to boxes, cones to cubes, we bring it all. 

We have some great electronic battlefield support equipment. These make the game more exciting and just like you play on the TV. We bring the TV gaming you are use to to LIFE.

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