Birthday Parties

Mobile Laser Quest is a great choice for either boys or girls birthday parties. Become the coolest parent ever......... and let us take the stress out of you throwing the BEST Birthday the kids have been to. 

Live Gaming - a new brand of Laser Tag

You've played Xbox & online games now it's time to LIVE them! Mobile Laser Quest uses laser gaming guns to run mock missions, just like a live computer game. Our gaming guns shoot infrared (like your TV Remote) but have authentic look, weight, size, sound, muzzle flash.

You execute missions, which challenge you to capture and hold a base, patrol, or escort VIPs. Get your adrenaline pumping & your brain working.

We offer army themed birthday parties at your home or other local venue for boys and girls and their Parents/carers. Older (or younger!) siblings & friends are welcome to join the fun, we even let the adults play.


We Take the Stress Out of Making Your Party The Best Ever.

Mobile Laser Quest is a great choice for either boys or girls birthday parties or family fun days. There is no paint (other than camouflage face paint), and no 'bullets' are fired from the gaming guns,  so no pain and no mess. This is an ideal fun activity for both boys and girls of all ages.

Lets face it, planning a birthday party is stressful. How do you give the best party ever, without the stress and knowing your party will be the talk of school for weeks? You invite us.... Mobile Laser Quest comes to you, sets the battlefield up, and makes sure it all just works. You can sit back watch the fun, take pictures and if you are really adventurous we can throw in an adult vs kids game. Our Backyard Battlefields is a complete live gaming kit that you can play at home or other party venue. Our battle hardened staff bring everything you need for some urban combat entertainment, the laser guns, some cool electronic gadgetry that make the magic work, even inflatable obstacles to hide behind.

We can cater for kids parties from 6 years and older. That is not saying we don't give the younger kids a go as well, but 6 is a great age for them to stay engaged for the duration of the party. If there are younger siblings or other kids attending we can give them a go, our operator on the day may request that an adult shadow a younger player. This is to prevent possible injury or damage to equipment.  Sometimes they surprise us and really get into it. 

If you are wanting to do a  Party for kids 5 and under then take a look at our Laser X  DIY Battlefield Fun in the Armoury Tab at the top of the page. These are a great option for the younger kids. You may already have a few Laser X Blasters at home, why not hire a few more and do it yourself .......

We have some great benefits over some of the traditional laser gaming venues around Perth. We are outdoors and close to home, no need to travel and you can have all your party food close by. It is great to have your party in your home or a park in the local area rather than travelling for miles. While the bush fields are great for budding weekend warriors many are not suitable for kids. You may be playing on a field of people not related to your party and I liken them to going and watching submarine races..... once the kids disappear in to the bush you have no idea what is happening. With our inflatable battlefields at your venue you can get involved in the action, take photos, cheer the kids on and best of all you are just playing with your invited guests. 

Why would you go anywhere else ? Our Backyard Battlefields are the best option for your active kids party. 

For parents only:........ Don't tell the kids but our Live Combat Entertainment drags the kids away from the video games, gets them off the couch and gets them outside, exercising and having a great time playing with other kids. What a great way to get them moving again.


If you are planning a party in a local council park or reserve please have a chat with us about what needs to be done. In some instances there may be fees or deposits necessary for the use of local parks. 


Our Personalised Dog Tags are back and they make a great party gift for your friends.

What about some great gifts for your party goers or a memento for your staff function

How great would it be for your party guests to receive a personalised military style dog tag for attending your party. ?? We can provide an embossed dog tag with their name, the date of the party and a thank you message from you for attending. 

At $9.90 each for a single dog tag, black rubber silencer and ball chain it is great value to help remember the special event. 

It doesn't have to be just for a Birthday, why not give one as a momento for attending your corporate function that you placed some awesome Laser Skirmish at or for your corporate fun day. These are great for individuals, clubs, business........ why not get one for your dog. If you can fit the words on it we can make it. 


You will find our template in the Invitations and Cool Stuff section in the Armoury tab. If you have any questions, give us a call........


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If you find there is something else on the day you are interested in still send through the enquiry and we can discuss available options. Depending on location and your flexibility in timings we may be able to do a second or third party on that day. If it is not possible you may need to consider another day. 

Organising your own Mobile Laser Quest Backyard Battlefield couldn't be easier. 


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