Corporate Events Laser Tag

Mobile Laser Quest is a great choice for your business or social group. There is no paint (other than camouflage face paint), and no 'bullets' are fired from the gaming guns,  so no pain and no mess.

Outdoor Live Gaming - We bring the fun to you

You've played Xbox & online games now it's time to LIVE them! Mobile Laser Quest uses laser gaming guns to run mock missions, just like a live computer game. Our gaming guns shoot infrared (like your TV Remote) but have authentic look, weight, size, sound, muzzle flash.

You execute missions, which challenge you to capture and hold a base, patrol, or escort VIPs. Get your adrenaline pumping & your brain working.

We offer great Team Building activities for your staff at your office or other local venue. If you have a particular theme, or objective you want to achieve let us know, we may be able to build a specific programme to suit your needs.

Sometimes you just want to do something that is fun, easy to organise and can involve everyone. Our live laser gaming and inflatable battlefield is for you. No bruises from being shot at, no bush to run through, and everyone is on the same level. Imagine how your next Christmas party or conference break out session can be with us providing the entertainment. 

Corporate Team Bonding Exercises

These days having a winning team, a team that work well together is vital for your business success. The biggest challenge many business managers and owners face is what kind of activity can you introduce that meets WHS obligations, can be conducted locally so that you don't have to organise cars or buses to take people on a day trip, or can come to your function venue during your next conference or staff training week away and is just great fun.....

Mobile Laser Quest is a great choice for your business. There is no paint (other than camouflage face paint), and no 'bullets' are fired from the gaming guns,  so no pain and no mess. This is an ideal fun activity for all your staff, guys and girls. Why not invite some key clients along and get to know them better. The Boss will love it, normally they are targeted by all the other staff, some form of stress relief I am told, and can come away from our battlefield without the bruises associated with some other action sports. 

Mobile Laser Quest comes to you. Our Backyard Battlefields are a complete live gaming kit that you can play at your office, if you have the space, or your conference / training venue. Our battle hardened staff bring everything you need for some urban combat entertainment, the laser guns, some cool electronic gadgetry that make the magic work, even inflatable obstacles to hide behind.

Why not include our live laser gaming in with your local convention or staff development session. We can bring our Backyard Battlefield to your venue. This means a close and convenient activity that all the staff, even Mary in Accounts, can enjoy without having to leave the premises. Our live laser gaming and the inflatable battlefield allows everyone to get involved, there is no pain from being shot and no bush to run through...... 

For your Staff Event Organisers this couldn't be easier. Let us know how many are going to attend and where you are holding your event. We will come to you. Think of the time and planning you will save by having your group bonding activities on site. 

And do not forget us for product launches. Are you in the video gaming or combat entertainment industry ? Why not promote that next big midnight game release or zombie apocalypse with a live gaming experience at your venue.


Sporting Team or Social Club Activities

Are you in charge of planning your end of year wind up, or even your teams start of season sign up days. Why not show your new players how great your club is by having our live laser gaming for them. At the start of the season it helps players get to know each other and mix socially in a safe and fun activity. Once the season is over reward them with some live laser gaming. Incorporate our Backyard Battlefield with your Presentation day, throw on a Bbq and you have a great way to wrap up your season and keep everyone keen to return for the next one. For you it couldn't be easier to organise, we look after everything, run the games, and make sure your players have the best time they can. 

If you run a church group or any other type of social group we can make your event one that your members will rave about for months. They will even bring their friends back next time because it was so cool. We have seen attendance numbers for some events increase just because people have known we were coming. We are great for all ages so no one will be left out. If you are running a special theme we can try and match our live laser gaming to it. 

Our Battlefields are suitable for indoors or outdoor use. 


Fetes and Family Fun Days

Our live laser gaming make a great attraction for your public events. School fetes, orientation days, what ever you are doing to attract the crowds our Backyard Battlefields certainly do that. If your are looking for something a little different to the dunk tank or the Dora the Explorer Bouncy Castle then we are a great choice. Our fast paced live laser games provide an excellent continued flow of players over your events duration. We cater for those hard to please ages at any event. For you it is an easy to organise fun activity that keeps them coming back for more. 


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Organising your own Mobile Laser Quest Backyard Battlefield couldn't be easier. 


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