Live Laser Gaming on our Inflatable Backyard Battlefields

We bring the action to you and this includes our inflatable battlefield. This offers players a safe non threatening environment to play in. Some players do not like having to run through the bush so are more comfortable with our battlefields. 

We are very flexible with where we can set up and how we do things. There have not been many spaces where we have not been able to sort out a way to play and enjoy the live laser gaming. 

Look at the pictures below to see what we have done in the past. There is sure to be a set up similar to what you are thinking about. 

We can set up indoors or out, mix our inflatables around trees or buildings already on your site, and throw in a cam net or two just to look good. We may even drop the Landrover into the action and use that as an obstacle. 

If you would like to discuss your space and if it will work give us a call on 1300 110 744. Once we have your address we will check you out on Google Maps, we can then look at your space..... in some instances we may suggest a local park or other venue. This is to ensure you get the best game play experience. 


New Barricades

From July 2018 we are trailing and introducing our new came barricades. they are light weight and different to the inflatables. They still provide great cover and look good on the field and offer us some more flexibility in placement and changing fields if needed. We even have some "snipers nests'. We are looking forward to rolling these barricades out in coming weeks. 









 Do you need more on your battlefield ?????

In most instances we will provide enough inflatables for your event. There is no need to add any more. 

These are just for fun and can certainly add a bit of a spark to your event presentation. Add a room or two or even a tank........



 The single walls are not freestanding on their own. They need the support of other walls or a fixed structure like a garage , gateposts or similiar. Please talk to us about your location and what is available. Due to the setting up of the 4 wall bunkers these are available for parties of 2 or more hours duration. Sorry, but we cannot supply these bunkers for a party that is only an hour long. They are not suitable for use in most public parks due to the need for pegs to hold them down. 




Interested ??............Check to see if your date is available.

Booking is easy. 

  1. Check your preferred date/time on the calendar above.

  2. If the date and time you are interested in is available complete the Booking Enquiry form below and click SUBMIT.

  3. We will get back to you with more information on confirming your booking. 


If you find there is something else on the day you are interested in still send through the enquiry and we can discuss available options. Depending on location and your flexibility in timings we may be able to do a second or third party on that day. If it is not possible you may need to consider another day. 

Organising your own Mobile Laser Quest Backyard Battlefield couldn't be easier. 


Give it a go.........  Email or call us today. Why not try us on Facebook Messenger, we are normal always online.


We will normally respond to you with in 24 hours of your enquiry. If you don't see a reply in your inbox please check your SPAM/JUNK folder..... I end up there sometimes........



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