Since we began deploying our Backyard Battlefields all over Perth we have always been on the hunt for better products and better gameplay to give you the best Live Laser Gaming experience available in your backyard. 

We are thrilled to introduce the DDTR MAC 11 into our laser tagger armoury. 

The MAC 11 is smaller than the Cobra and the XM22 that you are familiar with. What this means is the gameplay has just become better for the younger players.  Less weight to carry on the battlefield means more exciting interactive game play. 

The really cool things about the MAC 11 is the new exciting colours. Kids love the bright green and yellow laser tagger cases. Teams become the Bumblebees or the Green Machine in the great interactive playing field. With all the fun you have experienced with the Cobras with the voice commands and the real time tag feedback these are a great addition to our gaming. 

The MAC 11 in the new colours give the look and features of grownup laser taggers but the fun and look of a toy. If you are worried about kids playing with laser taggers that look like "guns" these laser taggers are a great alternative. 

It doesn't stop with the MAC 11, there are new Battle Boxes with some great gaming features. 


These Laser Taggers have some great features....... Check these out.


  • Full colour screen.
  • Display window 28 X 28 mm. (128 X 128 pixels).
  • In the menu you can orient the display through 360 degree. (No more turning the weapon on its side to read the screen).
  • Lives, ammunition and reloads displayed as a bar graph. (At a glance you can see your weapons status).

Vibration Motor

  • A vibrating motor has been added into the handle. This adds to the player game experience.
  • While shooting the motor vibrate simulating recoil. (This option can be turned off in the menu to conserve battery life).
  • If a player is hit a slight vibration is felt and if killed the motor vibrates for a longer period.


  • Telescopic and red dot scopes are dual colours.
  • Red or Green. Selected in the set up menu.
  • If Red selected then the Green dot will flash to indicate hit or kill (once for hit twice for kill). Same if Green selected then the Red will flash.



These laser taggers are made in Australia by DDTR Laser Tag


Our equipment doesn’t use potentially harmful lasers to defeat your enemies – DDTR technology incorporates infra-red light into our designs, meaning you can use our gaming guns outdoors, with ranges of over 150 metres. It also means the technology is completely safe, and can be used by players of all ages! 

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Organising your own Mobile Laser Quest Backyard Battlefield couldn't be easier. 


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