XM22 Laser Tagger


The XM-22 is an older style laser tagger, but sometimes the oldies are the goodies as they say. (just look at me.........)


The XM-22 uses the same infrared emitters used in the Cobra's.  This is the same as used in your TV remote. It's completely safe and harmless.The infrared light signal is picked up by three highly sensitive sensors worn on the head and the sensor on the tagger body. They lack the technological advantages of the newer taggers but are built for a realistic gaming experience. 

When the player is hit the XM-22 emits an audible "ouch" and the four sensors flash to indicate the hit. A life is then deducted. Depending on the game being played we can set the number of hits a player can take before they are deactivated.  In some standard death match games you may get 20 lives, in some extreme Capture the Flag games or our favourite Domination game you may only get one. Once they are deactivated players can be revived by a team medic carrying a special variation of the taggers, the XM-23, or via a medic box located somewhere on the playing field. Depending on the game being played, if you lose your medic, your whole team may lose the round. The Medic is a pretty special person to look after on the field. 

Each tagger has both sci-fi noises and many real, modern-day, military sounds. Every time you shoot, reload, get hit or deactivate the tagger, it speaks to you. 

The XM22 incorporates a professional red/green dot, battery operated scope and a collapsible stock. Friendly fire is always on, so be careful when you are around your mates. 

There are 5 different 'gun' modes from assault rifle, sniper up to a high rate of fire machine gun. Each mode adds a new level of realism to the battlefield. We can make up a team of different weapon types. Just like being on a real patrol you can direct your heavy machine gun to high ground offering covering fire to cover your retreat from an ambush. 

Due to their realistic look, we limit these laser taggers for events such as fetes or events held on private property. We do not allow these taggers to events in the local suburban park........ They are not suitable for kids below 10 years old due to their size and weight. 




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